Goals and Values

In order to fulfill its mission, the Council has identified the following as it primary goals and values:

  1. To provide a voluntary, peer-review accreditation service that works in partnership with the nutrition profession, educators, regulators, certifying bodies and the public in developing and administering its standards and processes.
  2. To encourage collaboration and cooperation among ACNPE-accredited programs to foster continuous improvement and excellence in nutrition education. 
  3. To pursue the development of processes and cooperative arrangements that minimize expense and unnecessary duplication of effort for programs seeking and maintaining ACNPE recognition.
  4. To operate cost-effectively and efficiently in order to minimize the financial impact of accreditation on institutional resources and student tuition.
  5. To operate in a manner that respects due process and is characterized by openness, transparency, fairness, equality, and consistency.
  6. To develop credible, relevant and regularly updated accreditation standards that are informed by science and clinical experience, and that reflect the ongoing evolution of the field of professional nutrition.
  7. To provide an accreditation service that welcomes and honors diversity in all aspects of nutrition professional education, including theory, philosophy, and instructional methods. 
  8. To ensure, through valid and reliable evidence-based evaluation processes, that ACNPE standards are being met by nutrition professional programs that seek initial and continued ACNPE recognition. 
  9. To give public recognition to programs in compliance with ACNPE standards, and to serve as an information resource for government entities, healthcare clinics, potential students, patients/clients, the public and other stakeholders interested in understanding the meaning of ACNPE accreditation and the level of clinical training and skills of graduates of ACNPE-accredited programs.
  10. To support the ongoing professional development of ACNPE volunteers and staff through orientation and training sessions, and other opportunities for learning and growth, and to foster an organizational culture that promotes initiative, teamwork, creativity, open communication, and mutual respect among participants.
  11. To encourage the development of new nutrition professional programs by providing information and guidance regarding ACNPE’s accreditation standards and process.